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...Her friendly and sweet spirit made her so easy to talk with and she showed me many different examples of her work-all to which were incredible! Most people let the venders know if they want their services at a later time, but before I left, I knew she was the one I wanted to shoot our special day. And I had made the right choice for a few reasons.Throughout the months of preparing for the wedding, Talia was an excellent communicator. Whether it was via email or text messages, she always responded in a prompt manner. In addition, her responses were very clear and I was able to understand easily. Even now, after a month of being married, I still get speedy responses to questions I may have on ordering and other things. Along with her excellent communication skills, Talia and Jeff are talented photographers. By looking at their photos, I can tell that they love what they do and have a blast taking pictures! Finally, I had full confidence with them during the shoots the day of the wedding. Knowing that I could count on my photographers and being able to place trust in them was a huge load off of my mind.I would encourage anyone to allow Talia and Jeff to be at their service. You would not have any regrets! Thank you Talia and Jeff for letting us cherish our special day with the awesome photos you took.” - Krista and Patrick Estvold