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What is your photographic style? In my opinion some of the best wedding photographers have to be skilled in lots of different styles. It shouldn’t bethat we all fall in to one category when it comes to our work. At some points in a wedding day it’s best to be an unobtrusive photojournalist, there may be lots of time set aside and I can be a “high fashion photographer”, or some couples prefer a more engaging portrait photographer who gives a lot of direction. Simply put, if you are drawn to our work, then our “style” is most definitely YOUR stlye!
Can I further customize? Further customizing comes with adds ons like a second shooter, a guest sign-in book, an custom wedding album. If you are in the area Talia likes to offer boudoir sessions for engaged brides a few times a year. You can emailme for more boudoir details.
Is this your full time job? Yes. Both Jeff and Talia are full time photographers. I used to wonder why I would be asked this and think it didn’t matter. I know now that you are investing in your wedding photography and doing this part time while working elsewhere really takes away from the time spent in giving our 100% to our couples. We are blessed to have been doing this full time now for over four years.
Do you have liability coverage? Yes. We know that most venues require vendors to be covered, so this is something you need not worry about.

*For more FAQs, regarding bookings and meeting, please contact us!

Do you travel for weddings? We do! In 2014 we already have a dozen out-of-town weddings. A travel fee is added to your package that includes airfare and a 2 night hotel stay if your wedding is in the U.S. Any weddings out of country will require a minimum 4 night stay.
How long does it take for us to view/receive our photos? Each image is carefully culled through and edited to meet our standards and tell your story. This process can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks for your package to be delivered. It will include a USB with high resolution imagesfrom your wedding. Your online gallery will be up much sooner, between 3-4 weeks after your wedding day along with printing options.
How many images can we expect? Depending on how much time is alloted for us to do what we do best, you can expect at least 700 edited images. If the couple chooses to see one another prior to the ceremony &/or hires a second shooter, there will obviously be more images provided.
Can we print our own images after the wedding? Certainly! We would rather keep you as clients and not hold on to the images at ransom.However you might prefer our printers more than your local ones, especially since their computers are already color-calibrated to ours.