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The flow of one’s marriage has a definite rhythm to it. There exists a mysterious choreography that people step into making their lives come alive. It is a dance whose rhythm is perfected over a lifetime. If you’re thinking about tying the knot or you’ve been together for 10 years or less, while that can seem like a lifetime, you are still in the opening phase of this dance. It really takes a considerable amount of time to learn all the steps of marriage—to get in sync with your spouse—to be able to flow together like those couples who have been doing it, or rather dancing it, for over 40, 50, 60 years and counting.

Who doesn't want a marriage that whisks across life like a beautiful Viennese Waltz—that’s as pristine as a Paso Doble or as triumphant as a Tango. But instead of a dance, you wind up stepping on each other’s toes while learning how to move together as one. Trust us, there’s hope! In truth, it is those who hang in there and keep at it—even when the steps are tough or when they trip and fall and stumble—that learn to dance so beautifully together. They perfect their dance and know just when the dips and twirls come. They know how to anticipate each other’s move and trust their partner’s lead in order to maintain a flawless and fluid motion. That’s how marriage works!

We are Jeff and Talia Cruz. We have been documenting
love in all forms for over 8 years now. We would like to step into your story and capture the beginning of a beautiful dance. May you move together in your marriage as one…